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AI Posture Evaluation and Correction System


Clear Postural Reports

14+ evaluation types

Full-height analysis from all sides: front, back, right & left sides, bend test, specialized head-neck-shoulder analysis, facial symmetry tests and more.

NEW: Dynamic video analysis!

Custom Evaluations

Create your own postural evaluation protocols using the Master Mode. Trace vertical & horizontal deviations, and draw custom angles on any photo.


Privacy centered

You have full control over your results. All photos and reports are kept ONLY on your device, you control where PDF reports are saved, and how you share them.


Anywhere & anytime

Perform evaluations on-distance, as well as access and share generated results.
Enhance your client-professional relationship!

The most advanced subscription grade of APECS. Includes Full Posture analysis, Dynamic video analysis, PDF report export and customizable branding of reports, advanced Master Mode, ATSI/POTSI analysis and many more.

It includes all the features available in APECS Pro, plus dynamic video analysis of sagittal plane.

Recommended for professionals who require deep insights from various APECS features.

Advanced subscription grade of APECS. Includes Full Posture analysis, PDF report export and customizable branding of reports, advanced Master Mode, ATSI/POTSI analysis and many more.

Recommended for professionals or those wanting to benefit from all of APECS features.

Furnished with essentials, APECS Free is a solid starting point for postural assessments. Whether you are an individual on a look-out for the best tool to quickly self-evaluate, or a professional trying out APECS for the first time, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to screen your posture with APECS.


Why use APECS?

APECS is a multi-feature posture assessment tool, that will help you check posture in a matter of minutes, delivering quality results.

Equipped with APECS, parents monitor their child’s scoliosis, fitness trainers can recommend exercises and build new routines for their clients, sportsmen evaluate their posture to find ways to better their performance, and healthcare professionals provide their patients with clear information on their postural deformities.

Research mentions

APECS is tailored for the best experience

Our Features

Posture Assessment

Full detailed assessment including front posture, back posture, left and right sides. NEW: Video analysis!

Results Explained

Receive interpretation of the results, including outline of potential issues.

Automatic Detection

Use auto-detection of markers or do a manual positioning following the guide.

Neck & Shoulder tests

Rapidly evaluate postural symmetry for greater accuracy of the results.

Trunk Symmetry

Access specialized anterior or posterior trunk symmetry evaluations (ATSI, POTSI).

Facial Symmetry

Analyze facial symmetry for insights into your wellness and aesthetics goals.

Bend Test

Perform the bend test assessment in a matter of seconds.


PDF Customization

Customize the report form with your logos, content, and contact information.

Daily Tips & Exercise

Receive daily tips on how to improve and maintain good posture.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is APECS?

APECS is a software created for assessing posture via non-invasive photogrammetry techniques, and to correct and prevent postural deformities though various exercises. The app has been in development since 2017, and made its debut on GooglePlay in 2018. Since then, more than 100 000 users have enjoyed APECS.

How can APECS help me?

APECS offers multiple evaluations. Amongst the features are :
– Full posture evaluation (front, back, 2 sides, bend test)
– Quick posture evaluation (simplified front, back, and side)
– Dynamic posture video analysis (sagittal plane view)
– Head-neck-shoulder evaluation (forward head, rounded shoulders, face symmetry etc.)
– Goden Ratio test (body symmetry and beauty proportions)
– ATSI and POTSI tests (Anterior and Posterior Trunk Symmetry Indexes)
– Range of Motion (goniometer for custom angles).

APECS includes branding features, helpful for healthcare professionals. For example: adding your own banners to PDF reports, and customizing exercises.

How is APECS different?

APECS allows to quickly evaluate the anthropometric characteristics of posture, offering considerable user flexibility (evaluation modes, report customization, custom protocols). Designed for your convenience, the app  includes features like posture grid, photo face mask, daily tips and exercises.

Is APECS backed up by research findings?

APECS uses standardized landmarks and anatomical angles for postural assessment. Inside the app you can find a full list of anthropometric landmarks (with Latin names and descriptions) and angles involved. These anthropometric landmarks have been the subject of extensive research by scientists and doctors over the past 50 years. You can find a lot of useful information about their validity by checking literature review articles or specific studies like Garrett et al. (1993)Shaghayeghfard et al. (2015) etc.

What is the APECS Research support program?

We offer a researcher program, providing free access to APECS for research projects for students and teachers. Let us know if you’d like to apply.

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