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AI Posture Evaluation and Correction System

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Quick Analysis
Full Posture
Dynamic Posture Video Analysis (sagittal)
Range of motion
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Golden Ratio
Results & PDF Report
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Basic PDF Report
Full PDF Report
Face mask
Edit text / add comments
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Manual marker placement mode
Auto Position
Green markers detection
Grayscale filter
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Add your own logos
Add professional’s name to PDF report
Add client’s info to PDF report
Exercise module
All exercises
Activity tracker
Exercises in PDF report
Customize exercises in PDF report


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Our Features

Posture Assessment

Full detailed assessment including front posture, back posture, left and right sides.
NEW: Dynamic posture video analysis!

Results Explained

Receive interpretation of the results, including outline of potential issues.

Automatic Detection

Use auto-detection of markers or do a manual positioning following the guide.

Neck & Shoulder tests

Rapidly evaluate postural symmetry for greater accuracy of the results.

Trunk Symmetry

Access specialized anterior or posterior trunk symmetry evaluations (ATSI, POTSI).

Facial Symmetry

Analyze facial symmetry for insights into your wellness and aesthetics goals.

Bend Test

Perform the bend test assessment in a matter of seconds.


PDF Customization

Customize the report form with your logos, content, and contact information.

Daily Tips & Exercise

Receive daily tips on how to improve and maintain good posture.